Ready Debian 11

Why Debian?

Stability of Debian distro has nothing left to argue. The software can be far behind latest version. The default configurations can be lacking. And you may not have the most lousy community. But hey, it just works and it will not give you any surprise. There is a old saying,

Debian unstable is more stable than most of stable releases of other distros.

Basic Setup

Even though Debian tends to work out of box, it still requires some efforts to properly setup.

Sudo yourself

Switch to root first, then run

/sbin/usermod -aG sudo {your-username}

Add non-free and contrib repos

Edit /etc/apt/sources.list to add non-free contrib for existing 4 entries.

Then run

sudo apt update

Nvidia Driver

Make sure you have non-free repo setup.

sudo apt install nvidia-detect

Then run nvidia-detect and follow the instruction to install proper driver package.

Dev Environment Setup


I use pyenv to manage different python versions.

It can be installed via pyenv installer,

curl | bash

After installation, you need to add pyenv into PATH,

$(pyenv root)/shims:/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin

openssl is required to install python,

sudo apt install libssl-dev