Ready Debian 11

Why Debian? Stability of Debian distro has nothing left to argue. The software can be far behind latest version. The default configurations can be lacking. And you may not have the most lousy community. But hey, it just works and it will not give you any surprise. There is a old saying, Debian unstable is more stable than most of stable releases of other distros. Basic Setup Even though Debian tends to work out of box, it still requires some efforts to properly setup.…
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A simple terminal text editor written in Go

I build a simple text editor in the terminal here. Overview Similar to MVC pattern, a text editor has three independent modules: controller: to handle customer keyboard input and dispatch for further processing. model: to store what customer is working on and process necessary business logic. view: to render user interface of the editor You can think of the editor is in an infinite loop. First we clear the screen and render the viewable text document content in stdout.…
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Flatdom, a civilization simulator

Why? Any civilization is evitably strangled in a process where it starts with exploring into the wild land, then settling, developing to its most high, and eventually fallen by the warfare or other misfortune. I am deeply curious about such process and try to simulate it. For simplicity, there are only three types of events in Flatdom, exploration, development and war. What is Flatdom? Flatdom is a 2-dimensional world. The world consists of many grids.…
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